Presentation: Wirify – Lessons from a micro internet phenomenon

This is my Wirify talk at the inaugural Melbourne Geek Night on Tuesday 20 Sep 2011:

Here’s a summary of the talk:

Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click directly in your browser. In this talk Jussi will discuss the original concept, the launch in December 2010, and what followed. He will also share lessons from the project to help others who plan and build web-based products.

If you’re in a hurry skip ahead to slide 40 for some interesting figures.
My advice for fellow online entrepreneurs starts from slide 51.

Advice and lessons learned

  • Your idea is worth nothing until you work it (related post)
  • Web applications are a lot of work and it all adds up (prototype 48 hours → Product 480 hours
  • Plan it – set targets and track your effort
  • Sweat equity is not free
  • People expect most things for free online
  • Buzz is exciting but doesn’t mean there is money in it
  • Start charging for your product as early as you can
  • Don’t drink too much start-up Kool-Aid
  • Show – don’t just tell – the value of your product
  • Deliver on your promises – “… in one click”
  • Surprise and delight your users
  • Listen to your customers

About Melbourne Geek Night

Melbourne Geek Night is “an informal get-together for people who work in the web industry around Melbourne to catch-up, have a yarn, share ideas and talk about new techniques and technologies.” It’s organised by the nice chaps Ben Tollady and Andrew Gunstone from Thirst Studios. The next event is in November and the guys are looking for speakers so if you’re keen please get in touch.

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