I’m Jussi, a designer in Melbourne. I’m looking for likeminded collaborators. Know anyone?

I have changed roles and I’m currently  working on what’s next

I am exploring a purpose-led digital product company working on something that makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives. I am open to creating and building a company with the right people, or joining one at an early stage. I know that there are a few of these companies in Melbourne and I am interested in having conversations with the founders and teams therein to learn more.

Do you have some pointers, or want to have a chat?  Contact me


A few of the things I have worked on in the past:

Photo of Jussi Pasanen – by Alex Turner
Jussi Pasanen
  • ANZ.com: I led the user experience design in the early days of the website redesign from 2014 onwards and provided design direction later on.
  • Volkside: I was the founder, user experience consultant and product creator from 2009 to 2011. I created the Wirify and Naview concepts back in 2010 and productised them in 2011. Both products are 100% designed and built by me, end to end.
  • Wirify is a bookmarklet that lets you turn any web page into a wireframe in one click. It’s free, easy and fun to use.
  • Naview helps you to design and build navigation prototypes quickly and test the usability of your navigation with users.
  • These two products are still available and regularly used, although they have received few updates in recent years.

This site is not a portfolio – I can take you through much more of my work in person.


I have collected some of my more interesting tweets here.

Read more about this minimum viable product diagram from me:

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Reflections on Payments in Australia (2017)

Wirify – Lessons from a micro internet phenomenon (2011)

Usability testing – Just Do It. Five methods for improving usability in-house (2011)